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The Big Enterprises

Big is Best

The Big Enterprises

The Big Enterprises was created to impact the world in a positive way. Our first company, The Big Foods, was started in 2021, and has entertained thousands of people over its time. The Big Books is planned to be started in 2022 for the same reason.

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Our Companies

Created to make positive change

The Big Foods

The Big Foods started with a slideshow created in 2018 named "The Big Foods" by 9 year old Rishabh Segon. He later went on to found the company with the same name. The Big Foods provides entertaining and educational services surrounding food. Originally created solely to share the slideshow with the world, which is the worlds longest slideshow, The Big Foods has gone on to be far more. In a single year Rishabh Segon and a few friends who joined the company started selling merchandise, held a live event, and got thousands of people visiting The Big Foods will continue to expand with plans involving books, world records, and more.

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The Big Ebooks

The Big Books is a soon to be founded online ebookstore that will be centered around selling only original stories. Planned to launch in late 2022 or early to mid 2023. 

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